Pub Street and the Night Market

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Cambodia is famous for Angkor Wat, but you might want to choose an earthlier form of entertainment once the lights go out. So what are the best places for a good dose of nightlife in Siem Reap? Pub Street and the Night Market, of course. With lots of culinary delights, shopping opportunities and good drinks, you can have fun until the wee hours of the morning. Curious to find out more? Read along.

Pub Street

You’ll find Pub Street in the south-east part of Siem Reap. Its official name on the map is Street 8, but that tells little about its vibrant entertainment. That’s what the glowing street signs are for.

Pub Street is the Mecca of nightlife for tourists, as well as a great place to find reasonably priced food. The menus have a wide array of Khmer meals, but they also feature Western cuisine. Some of these restaurants offer live music, jam sessions or rooftop-views of the most enchanting sunsets:

  • Banana Leaf is a great place to try a delicious Crocodile burger. They also have coloured cocktails and live bands.
  • Cambodian BBQ Restaurant is meant for foodies with a taste for adventure. You can start lightly with some chicken and beef, then continue with animals that would eat that chicken or beef. So you can try snake, crocodile, ostrich and even kangaroo.
  • Le Tigre de Papier can feed you with both Western or Khmer meals. However, this is the right place to go if you want a cooking class. You can learn how to cook traditional Cambodian meals and impress all your friends home.
  • Angkor What? is more than just an impressive bar name, it’s a place that wants to cater to every taste. It lets you do graffiti on its walls and it’s usually the last to close.
  • Temple bar might be a little expensive, but you can see Khmer Dancers perform here. Plus, the sofas are really comfortable.

But there’s more to Pub Street. This is a great place to watch the street performers or have a fish massage. What’s a fish massage, you ask? We’ll let you find that out yourself.

The Night Market

With a big neon sign that says “The Night Market”, you’ll see this bubbly epicentre of shopping right across from Pub Street. This is the perfect place to buy souvenirs, affordable clothes or even jewellery.

The Night Market is a top choice for tourists everywhere, particularly because it builds the right atmosphere. There are plenty of other Asian night markets, but the one in Angkor features thatch-roof houses with the traditional Khmer style.

The narrow streets of the Night Market are still delightful, and especially safe. With plenty of original products like paintings and wood carvings, you can definitely find something for your loved ones.

The silk retailed here is soft and pampering, and you can try all sorts of local delicacies. And seeing as the Night Market is open from 5 pm to 12 am, you even have time to squeeze in a massage. There are plenty of massage and spa bars around in this vibrant setting.

After that, you can enjoy some food, or watch the sunrise from a rooftop. There are a few great bars in the area, so you can get some calories in and a bit of rest before a good morning’s sleep.

In Conclusion

There are other things you can do in the evening in Angkor Wat, but tourists generally prefer these places because they build a bustling atmosphere. The restaurants and bars on Pub Street are one next to the other, and so are the shops at the Night Market. All that gives you a strong sense of community and sets you off on a whirlwind of entertainment.

Grand Bayon Siem Reap Hotel can help you choose the most suitable activities on Pub Street and the Night Market. Please speak to our reception who will be able to give the best advice or arrange a taxi.