Things to do in Siem Reap Apart from the Temples

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Siem Reap is Cambodia’s most visited place, and the chief reason for its resounding popularity is the presence of Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious monument and a UNESCO world heritage site. There are other renowned temples in the area as well, but after a point, you begin to wish there were other things to do. Worry not; Siem Reap actually has a lot of other places to pay a visit to apart from temples. Here are a few options!

Enjoy a Show at the Phare Circus: The Phare Circus is a great place to visit, especially if you are travelling with your family. It opened in the year 2013, and can house more than three hundred people! The people who perform at the circus use their acts to showcase Cambodia’s rich history through songs, dancing, and folktales. They are all graduates of an institute called Phare Ponleau Selpak, which was started by an NGO to train students in the arts professionally. For reserving tickets in advance, the Grand Bayon Hotel can help you.

Admire the History of Cambodia at the Angkor National Museum: The oldest civilization, responsible for shaping much of Cambodia is the Khmer Empire. They are well known for their contributions to both architecture, and various art forms. In fact, they were the ones who built Angkor Wat. The museum traces their evolution through the years, and showcases the greatest of their work and achievements. Learn more about Cambodia’s golden era by taking a tour of this marvelous museum.

Explore the Local Markets of Siem Reap: In the very center of the city, you can discover the market, the lifeblood of the city. This covered square is where both locals and foreigners indulge in the global pastime of shopping. Watch meat being cut right in front of your eyes, and locals spiritedly haggling with the shop owners. The market overflows with energy, and you can catch a glimpse of daily life in Cambodia here. The market provides a great chance for you to take some amazing pictures showcasing life in Cambodia- make sure you get permission though!

Go Horse Riding at Happy Ranch: Have you always wanted to ride through the streets like a hero of old, exploring your surroundings on horseback? Your chance is now – go on a horse riding tour of Siem Reap, and see the city’s hidden sights. Ride past beautiful Buddhist pagodas and twisting lanes on your majestic animal. The Happy Ranch offers various packages depending on the time you have, and your budget- the Grand Bayon Hotel is happy to help you get the best deals!

Visit the Tonle Sap Lake: The Tonle Sap lake, located just outside Siem Reap, is the largest lake in Cambodia. The best time to visit this place is during the rainy season, i.e, during June and November. The houses are built on stilts, and are connected by bridges, and these provide a wonderful photo opportunity. The place is also home to a floating restaurant, and is certainly worth a visit.

Take a Cooking Class: Authentic Cambodian cuisine is both delicious, and not that complicated to make. You can learn to make classy dishes such as Fish/Chicken Amok, Cambodia’s favorite dishes, from a cooking class! They will also give whatever food you don’t consume to charity. Look up cooking classes in the countryside now- there are a lot of options! The Grand Bayon Hotel also has a set of options for you to pick the best from- make the right choice!

Drop by Pub Street: With the increase in tourists visiting, the city has become more cosmopolitan, and this is most evident by the presence of an entire street, filled with glaring neon lights advertising alcohol of all kinds. You can even find workshops teaching you how to make cocktails here, as well as a few amazing restaurants. Unleash your inner party animal here, and have a great time!

Experience a Luxurious Massage: Siem Reap, like any self-respecting Asian city, is famed for its quality massages. With massage parlors to be found on almost any street, indulge in a sensual, relaxing experience after all your sightseeing.

Though Siem Reap is best known for Angkor Wat and its temples, there are a lot of other things you can do, as is evident by the above list. The Grand Bayon hotel is a great place for you to stay if you want to explore Siem Reap. With its convenient location, as well as its family friendly environment, it will provide you with an amazing experience of Cambodia. Want more ideas on how to spend your time? Ask the reception desk for suggestions on other magical places to visit! Have fun!