Things to do in the Evening in Siem Reap

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Siem Reap is a bustling tourist town located just a few kilometers from the famous temples at Angkor Wat. Millions of people descent on the town each year with the sole purpose of visiting the great temples at Angkor. As a result of the growing tourist trade in Siem Reap, the town has grown to provide all sorts of activities and attractions for you to enjoy in the evening.

Pub Street

Pub Street is nearly as popular as the temples! If you come to Siem Reap, it’s almost certain that you will walk down Pub Street and explore the surrounding areas. The street primarily houses restaurants and there’s something for everyone on this small street and surrounding alleys.

If you’re looking for a drink, you can regularly find happy hour drinks promotions with beers starting from less than a dollar a glass. If it’s a party you want, then you’re in luck. Pub Street is home to the Angkor What? Bar and Temple Bar. Both are open until the early hours of the morning and tourists are often seen enjoying a drink and dancing long after the sun goes down.

The Grand Bayon Siem Reap Hotel is only a short walk from the Pub Street area, but we’re far enough away to be a in quiet part of town.

Night Markets

The Night Markets are another popular destination for tourists in the evening. Most night markets sell similar souvenirs and gifts and they are interesting to explore and find a great gift for loved ones back home.

There are also many places to eat and drink around the night markets as well as get a massage or one of the famous Dr Fish foot massages.

The original Siem Reap Night Market is only a short walk away from the Grand Bayon Siem Reap Hotel.

Traditional Apsara Dance Show

There are many nightly traditional Apsara dance shows around Siem Reap to suit all tastes and budgets. Here at Grand Bayon Siem Reap Hotel we can arrange tickets and transport to any of the shows in and around Siem Reap town. Along Pub Street, there are a few venues which offer live performances inside a restaurant setting so you can enjoy a meal and a few drinks at the same time.

Koulen Restaurant on the main Sithatha Road also has a traditional live show accompanied by a buffet meal.

Explore the Town

Siem Reap is generally a safe place to walk around in the evening and its very pleasant walk along the river and relax in the evenings. If you walk through the town, you’ll see the lights along the riverside. There are also small markets and venues to explore.

You can also walk along the main streets in town where you’ll see lots of restaurants, gift shops, supermarkets and many other things.

Street Food

Siem Reap comes to life in the evenings and the streets are full of vendors pushing carts and selling local street food. You can go for something relatively familiar with fried noodles or fried rice readily available. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could opt for some of the local delicacies including fried cockroaches or spiders!

There are many things to see and do in town and the Grand Bayon Hotel is happy to give you advice what to see and do in town in the evenings. We can also arrange tickets and transport for any shows, activities, and attractions.