How to Get Around Siem Reap Town?

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Siem Reap is a quite a small town and most things which you will want to visit will be just a few minutes away from Grand Bayon Hotel or the town centre. Most tourists seem to congregate around the Pub Street, Old Market, Night Market, and Sok San Road area. As the Grand Bayon Siem Reap hotel is just a few metres away from the Sok San Road, it’s easy to get anywhere.

There are various ways of getting around Siem Reap and you won’t have a problem finding transport in town. There are tuk tuks on every street corner, bicycle rentals all over, and plenty of other options. This article will explain how you can get around town.


Siem Reap is small enough to walk to all the popular tourist areas. However, there are no paths next to the road for pedestrians, so you will have to navigate yourself through the bustling traffic. You’ll also have to say “no, thanks” to nearly every tuk tuk driver, massage shop, and many other people who want to sell you something. However, as everything is fairly close by, walking is often a popular choice.

Tuk Tuks

The Grand Bayon Siem Reap Hotel have tuk tuks on standby ready to take you anywhere in Siem Reap town and to the temples on tours.

If you find yourself out in the town and want to get back to the Grand Bayon, you’ll find tuk tuks everywhere. You can haggle the price with drivers and try and get the best rate. They will often give you a high price to start and you’re expected to try and barter a lower price.


We can also help you to rent bicycles when you stay with us and cycling is a popular way to get around town. It will take you a while to learn the traffic rules here as at first it seems that there aren’t any rules. But expect the unexpected, ride slowly in the town and you should be fine.

Many guests also decide to cycle around Angkor Wat. The short circuit is only around 15km and easily doable for most people.


There are some metered taxis to take you on short trips around Siem Reap. The prices are cheap and the Grand Bayon can help you to arrange a taxi around town.

If you’re travelling further afield then you’ll find many unmetered taxis who charge a rate for the destination. There are shared taxis where the driver will stop and pick up other passengers along the way. You might find 6 or 7 people squeezed into one taxi!

You can also opt to pay for the whole taxi and have a private ride to where you want to go. You can always negotiate the prices with the drivers for unmetered taxis.

Electric Bikes

It’s also possible to rent e-bikes in Siem Reap with various charging points throughout the town. You don’t need a license to ride an electric bike, nor to you need to wear a helmet.

Scooters / Motorbikes

Although you will see many places renting motos to tourists, it is illegal for tourists to rent motos in Siem Reap. The enforcement of this rule seems to come and go. At times, nobody seems to care. At other times, the police crack down on the practice.

If you are a tourist and you are stopped by the police. They may confiscate the moto and give a fine to the person riding the moto and the person who rented it them who will have to pay a fee to get the moto back.

Moto Taxis

If you’re just one person, then moto taxis are a cheaper alternative to tuk tuks. As you’re walking around or hanging out by the street, you’ll get plenty of people say “moto” to you. They are often cheaper than tuk tuks but can only carry one person.

However, the law in Cambodia now says that the passenger must also wear a helmet. If you are caught on a moto without a helmet you will be fined. Many “motodops” carry a spare helmet for passengers to use.

Siem Reap is a popular tourist destination, but the main tourist areas are all close to each other. Getting around town is easy and cheap. There are many options available to you and the reception team at the Grand Bayon Hotel are happy to help you arrange any type of transport you need.

If you’re looking for alternative styles of transport such at Quad Bikes, big motorbikes, hot air balloons, or helicopters, we can help you to arrange anything which is available in Siem Reap.