5 of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Siem Reap

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When you’re a vegetarian, you might find it difficult to get the food of your choice available. This is true especially when you’re travelling abroad. When you’re in Siem Reap, you might be wondering where you can find delicious and healthy vegetarian food. Worry not, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants where you can find a wide variety of dishes.

These range from Cambodian to Continental cuisine, depending on your preferences. These restaurants are also clean, elegant, and can personalize your dish with additional veggies or other items if needed.

Here are our top five vegetarian restaurants in Siem Reap:

1. Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant

This restaurant offers 100 percent vegetarian food. They firmly believe in supporting environmental awareness, animals’ rights, and vegetarianism. They are notable for having their own farm where they grown their own produce. The cuisine itself is based on traditional Cambodian dishes, made from local produce.

The restaurant has a lovely garden and serene atmosphere. The Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant prides itself on serving completely organic food. They’re located at Street 26, Watbo Village, Phum Wat Bo, Siem Reap. They’re open between 11AM and 9:30PM, from Wednesday to Monday. They’re closed on Tuesdays.

2. Chamkar

At Chamkar, you can get delicious, fresh food. While this gem of a restaurant may be difficult to find, their cuisine is worth it. Being a little small, you should probably book a table in advance. The restaurant is situated at Khum Svay Dangkum, Old Market, Siem Reap. This is behind the famous Pub Street.

Their glass noodles, spring rolls, and tofu dishes are much vaunted here. You can order their vegetable amok and coconut milk for an authentic Cambodian experience. They are open between 11:20AM and 10:30PM from Monday to Saturday, and from 5PM to 10:30PM on Sundays.

3. Peace Café

Peace Café offers a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere for those in Siem Reap. The tables are in a shady garden outdoors. This makes the entire setup relaxing. Their staff are also great. Their cuisine ranges from continental to Cambodian. Apart from food, they also have yoga classes and a craft shop. The latter’s proceeds go towards helping the disadvantaged.

Peace Café is located just a few minutes from the Old Market, at River Road 172, Bang Don Pa. It is right next door to the An Kau Saa Pagoda. It is open daily, from 7:30AM to 9:00PM.

4. Vitking House 2

This is the second outlet of Vitking House, and it is completely vegetarian. The restaurant is quiet and comfortable, with air-conditioning. The place is spacious, and looks contemporary. While the staff’s English skills are less than stellar, the menu provides pictures of the dish, and an English description to help you order. The cuisine is Khmer based, and their pumpkin shake is a signature dish here.

The place is located at Taphul Village, Bakheng Road, Siem Reap. They are open between 7:00AM and 9:30PM throughout the week. You will be served complimentary tea as well here!

5. Veg “G” Table Café

If you want delicious, authentic European cuisine in Siem Reap, this is the restaurant for you. With dishes like burgers and carrot cake, their menu is varied. The restaurant itself is a little small, but is elegantly styled. They also provide large portions of food, ensuring that you walk away satisfied and full.

The café is situated at Craft Alley, Wat Bo Road, Siem Reap. It is open between 11AM and 3PM from Tuesday to Sunday, and open for dinner from 6PM to 9PM from Tuesday to Saturday. It is closed on Mondays.

If you’re a vegetarian wanting good quality food in Siem Reap, you now needn’t worry. Whether it is continental cuisine, European cuisine, or authentic Khmer flavors, you can find whatever you desire in the town. With quiet and peaceful surroundings, these restaurants offer the best possible meal settings while you eat. Most of their menus also come with vegan alternatives, and substitutes for various products.

They offer diverse dishes as well as have a great ambience. These restaurants are some of the best when it comes to vegetarian food in Siem Reap. They will ultimately leave you a happy and satisfied customer.